March 23, 2006


Just doing some fun digital sketches, messing around in photoshop with brushes and stuff. I'm probably gonna go more into the topic of clowns and circus freaks cause I'm prepping myself to do an illustration/ conceptual creature that me and Cile talked about earlier this week. I will post progress shots of that one here.

I haven't posted in a while so heres some other stuff that's been lying around on my computer. A digital Illustration for Mr Jaime Llamez I finished in December.

Quick little digital head study from reference.

Steampunk Ninja Girl, I still have to color her up. I just like the really big hat.

I think I was watching an old kung fu movie THE FLYING GUILLOTINE that day.

Pencils for an online card game. This is 1 of 120 that I have done so far. I have 200 more to go....WOOHOO!

Unused character design, the character is a psychic but wasn't suppossed to have hair....ooops. I still like this version though.

Ok, that's all for the art, I'll keep ya posted with more new stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.

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cecile marie said...

we might have to keep my idea a secret.... HAHAHAHA... so hide it til showtime!