June 10, 2006

SO, we went to our favorite hang out on Friday nights again last night, which was the stress reliever I needed from a long day of work.

Anyway, about a week ago I saw this funny ass license plate frame and wanted to do a drawing to it. I couldn't think of anything, I think I was trying too hard. Well, last night after some liquid refreshment I knocked this drawing out and added some color all in about the span of 30 minutes. I finished coloring it today, about 1 hour total in PS. Here it is.

Enjoy, sorry for not posting in a while, I am going to get on the ball more. Updating this thing is something I need to do more often for my artistic sanity.


cdeboda said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and for the helpful crit. Nice to hear that you'll turn it up a notch with your blog too...looking forward to what's next.

Oh, and cool and disturbing clown here. :)

nothing said...

hey, I totally did your work man! awesome stuff.

ANNA said...

we need another alcove session, pat!