July 26, 2006


So I am going to be posting a whole lot more now with my current occupation status changing. ITs a good thing though because so far it has renewed my love for creating new and interesting things and exploring my imagination more.

Well, here is one of many more experiments to come. Just playing around with a character, trying to cover my lineart more and be somewhat painterly. There are things I like and don't like about this piece but what the heck, I gotta have fun with it. I will probably try this out on stuff for my portfolio and get crits from some of you guys, but this was more a less a stress reliever.

Anyways, the story behind this. This is my guardian angel. He gets preoccupied with beer and trips to 7-11 while practicing to be a Luchador. He means well, but sometimes he just doesnt hear that damn beeper going off. Guess he's gonna be working some overtime soon.....that BASTARD!


cdeboda said...

Sup Patrick, i'm not real good with giving crits, but this bastard is looking cool so far. Perhaps the glow effects is a little too intense? (particularly around the halo--unless that is intentional). Cool character though.

Also, hopefully everything is looking up regarding the 'occupation status'. Keep me posted.

ken said...

Hey, really nice work man, love the character stuff! nice blog will be back, thanks for your comments on mine

ken :D

ANNA said...

Pat, you're awesome! I need to get back in that creative groove too! Let me know when you're available again for a day of right-brain activity (though I know you take part in that all the time!).