August 22, 2007

Class and a Commission

So, last month after my showing up in San Francisco I received an email asking if I could create a larger version of one of my favorite pieces, Captain Manchego. So I called up my printer and got the green light. Below is the final print which measured 56" x 36", easily one of the biggest pieces I have ever produced. I was happy but sad to see it go, it looked awesome up on the wall at home.

I have also been taking a class with Nathan Fowkes, he is an awesome artist that works over at Dreamworks. We did head drawing the other night using a method I have never used before; compressed charcoal and a whole lot of smearing with your hand. Nathan stresses the importance of the big idea and the biggest clearest idea, nothing I have not heard before but how he explains things really clicks with my brain. This was done in 2 hours or a little less. I was happy with how this one turned out and look forward to more. I will post more class stuff soon.

By the way, this model's name is Clark and he is a badass model, he held the pose for an hour straight and never complained. Super nice old guy and total professional!

Hope you enjoy, have a great day!

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Chris Sears said...

that is sweet printed up large like that! awesome.