March 4, 2008


My bad, its been almost or about a month since my last post, I gotta stop doing that. Anways, been really busy with a lot of work, teaching and the usual pimping myself out for art. Well, this was released on the Boom Studios website so I believe it is safe to post it up. This is the cover I did for them waaaay back in November for their title Zombie Tales. For those who know me I am a zombie nut so this opportunity was perfect!

Here's how it looks on the site:

Here's a bigger version without the text for your viewing pleasure:

I'll will post more this week. Yea I always say that, but I'll hook up some electrodes or something to my butt so it shocks me when I pass the week, that would be a funny drawing. Ok back to work, I'll put up some sketch pages next.

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cdeboda said...

C'mon it's been 5 days something new already! Jk. Good work on this cover.