December 28, 2008


Hope everyone is having a happy and save holidays. I finished this guy over the break. It is actually a redesign of an older character I had worked on quite a few number of years ago. I think it is really important to look back at your old work to see how much you have really grown as an artist over the years. It helps to put things in perspective.

Below is the creature design, he is a shaman, a seer/fortune teller. There are some similarities between the old and new but I really wanted to incorporate better shapes and structure to the design. Before, the torso felt very flat, in the newer one I pushed a belly to add to his feeling of reading as 3 dimensional. I also decided to move his arm out to help strengthen his silhouette and after going over it with friends, pushed a little more personality into his walking stick as well. Remember, the personality of your character should be reinforced from the actual character, to its' clothing and props.

I actually went through a few versions of this before I got it right. Still messing around with how much to keep my line art and how much to lose. It changes with each character but again it helps me to grow.

I suggest you try it out, take one of your old designs and redo it. It's a great eye opener and helps to reinforce that, "Hey, I actual know what I'm doing now!"

Thanks for looking, more to come!


cdeboda said...

Awesome, man! I'm totally noticing the progress you've been making over the years. Keep it up buddy!

Chris Sears said...

Happy New Year, Patrick!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat - happy christmas and new year and all that :)
this is looking cool mate - really nice character and story to him!!
talk soon