August 26, 2009


Yesterday I talked about prop design and the importance of doing studies and iterations to my class. Below is the demo I did for them. To preface this the characters I am creating in class, 2 of them are German soldiers that run a work labor camp during WW2. One is the Evil Colonel Von Merl, a craggly old man and the other is Capt. Guinevere Rommel the evil henchman.

The props below 1) is Excalibur the German's new hydrogen bomb still in development. To access the bomb you need to dial in the right number combination on the phone on the side of it or else the dynamite around it will blow you up. Don't worry, German engineering was soo good back then that the dynamite would only kill the person and not detonate the bomb...scout's honor!

The second prop is the General's breathing apparatus which is hooked up to a backpack that he carries around. I might have someone else or a pet carry his 02 around but this was the first pass at it.

These are the studies I did in my sketchbook to help my hand get familiar with the shapes of the hydrogen bomb.

Usually I work digitally in front of the students because 1) it is easier for them to see everything and 2) everyone thinks digital will save your design. Some of my students learned the hard way that working digital does not compensate for bad draftsmanship. Anyways, in trying to keep my draftsmanship up I worked traditionally for the demo. Materials: toned paper, grayscale marker at 30%, hi-tec-c pen(.4) and a white out pen.

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Simon Scales said...

Hey dude....sweet stuff the oxygen mask!!