December 14, 2009

Interview and Sketch of the Day

So last week I was interviewed by industry veteran Jack Enyart. He worked on some of the best cartoons like Scooby Doo, Woody Woodpecker and my personal favorite, the Bionic Six. It was a real treat to be interviewed by him because I was raised on those toons and they helped shape my humor and sense of storytelling.

Jack interviews local LA artists that jump in the gallery and commercial scene. Shout out to my boy Adrian for hooking me up with the interview.

Here is a link to the interview, I am not sure how long it will be up so check it out while you can. I was a bit nervous in the beginning and stumbled on a couple of words here and there but all in all it was a great experience.

Now on to some artwork, here are some sketches of the day that I owe you. I will be getting back to these as a daily thing and will be posting more concept art so stay tuned.

First up, mini-Dragon.

Next, female pirate/buccaneer.

Mumm-ra tribute.

Badass that shoots first and never asks questions.

Hope you enjoy, more to come!

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