February 19, 2010

SOTD 02/19/10

Sketch of the Day, inspired by Aliens and Predator.

Next is my version of a Mangalore from the 5th Element. My version revolves around the idea that the Mangalores were actually organisms that fuse with a human host. Some are more evolved and have intelligence and reason. On the other, there are those that do not evolve fully and become quite grotesque and deformed.

I call this one THE DECOY. You see the the human head and silhouette of the upper body in the shadows so recognize it as safe. However, as you approach it the creature gets a jump on you and well.....messes you up royally and makes a filet-o-fish out of you.

I will probably do another iteration fo this creature because there are some things I want to push a little differently.

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Simon Scales said...

very cool my man!!