March 23, 2010

SOTD 03/23/10

So a while back I posted a progress shot of the ogre I was working on for my sculpture class. Recently, we made plaster molds of them and sadly, it was destroyed in that process. But to remember it in all its glory I was able to snap a quick pic before its timely demise. I put in quite a few hours into this, there are still some problems with it but out of this whole process I was able to see what I did not know in regards to the human form.

Here are my prep sketches for the sculpture, doing these really helped in the beginning and preplanning pays dividends.

Lastly, here is another sneak peak at the piece I am 99 percent done with and will have prints available once it is completed. I'm excited for this one and can't wait to show all of you the whole thing!

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