March 29, 2010

SOTD 03/29/10

Here is the finished reinterpretation of one of the classics I grew up with entitled, " HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER". I have been wanting to do this piece for a few months now and finally knocked it out last week. Hopefully it will bring back the good ole days to all you other oldies out there.

I will have prints of these available in a week but I will be taking preorders and the first 10 to preorder will get a free sketch from me along with their purchase. The size will be 13 inches x 10 inches and will be $20 plus shipping and handling. For more details please shoot me an email at:

Lastly, this is a page of studies form my sketchbook. I am doing a redesign of the Phantom of the Opera for a character design competition so I am just going through iterations of head shape, proportions and mask variation. Most people these days use Photoshop to do all this. This will end up in the computer but I still like to search for the shapes by hand, it still feels more organic to me and I do not have the crutch of command + Z at my fingertips. Makes for a few more happy accidents I think.


****Update, I already have 3 orders so 7 more to go for a free sketch!******


Anthony Francisco said...

hey man thanks for visiting my blog :)

I love the street fighter piece its pretty cool. The game is soo addicting, I cant wait for SUPER STREET FIGHTER!

C.Deboda said...

So is this based on some video game or something? I dont recall it. Oh well, I guess I'm not quite the "oldie" just yet.

I do like the "focal point" of this piece tho!