March 1, 2010


Been watching more zombie movies as I work, guess it helps my work flow cause I have seen these movies a thousand times but it never gets old to me and its not a distraction...until a big zombie scene hits then I take my 5 minute break of course.

Hey, when the zombie epidemic hits you will be knocking on my door for advice so don't hate.

Also, I have started taking a sculpture class with Jordu Schell, if you guy's do not know him he was the lead creature designer for Avatar and he's worked on countless creature designs in film over the years. Total badass and funny as hell.

Here is my attempt at sculpture, just a regular old ogre. This stage is mainly finding the forms and I wanted to start out simple to get used to the medium and make something at least descent looking. In the next few weeks I will be posting my progress along this journey. Thanks for joining me!


C.Deboda said...

Nice seeing you expanding your skills set! Btw, you seen "The Crazies" yet?

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks man, Yea I saw it, I thought they did a pretty good job on it. Nothing fancy but you actually gave a crap about the characters.