April 5, 2010

SOTD 4/25/10

Today I woke up at 530 AM to go to Orange County to sub for one of my buddie's 730 AM class. Good lord that is waay to early to have a class, who makes up these class times? Anyways, hope you were all driving safely out there cause there were a lot of jakasses when I was driving.

So for part of the class I decided to do a quick character design digital demo. I spent about an hour on this from concept to finish. As I was designing this guy I spoke mostly about personality and story and how it helps to evolve your design into something believable. For this guy, my story was that he was a coffee shop guy, waiting in line to talk to the pretty cashier. Unfortunately, his soft spoken voice and social awkwardness make him not too much of aladies ma'n. I gave him a pale complexion to add to the idea that he might play a little to much World of Warcraft and should get out in the sun more.

Quicky about my process: first is the line drawing, next I added colors to give it a little depth but still retaining my linework and finally, the closeup of the head shows how I would take things more to a finish, adding softness to the hair and reflectivity in the glasses. Fun design to do and it unfolded naturally, I wish all my drawings could go this smooth.


Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat...very cool man!!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey Patrick! very well done. you captured the attitude dead on. love the shirt on the guy too, adds more to his character. great job and thanks for droppin some words on my blog man