April 6, 2011



Piece was chosen and will be in the Tribute Book that will be on sale at the San Diego Comicon this summer.

This was my submission for the Mega Man Tribute art book that is coming out at this year's Comicon. Unfortunately, my piece was not chosen for the book which is cool because that means I can finally post it on my blog. I completed this piece back in January and it took me about 3 days from concept to finish.

\Here are some process shots below, on the left is the basic positive and negative shape breakup for my composition. As you can see I am not detailing anything in this phase just trying to create a frenetic feeling.

I scan it into Photoshop and then as you can see on the right I work on the design elements in Photoshop.

Next I print it out and to a final pencil lineart drawing.

Next, I do a quick value block in mainly as a mask to isolate areas to apply different effects to.
Afterward, I do some glazes of color on the image, similar to traditional media. Once I have the local colors in place I figure out where out my major light sources are coming from so I can be consistent with my lighting scenarios.

This is followed by some finer rendering. I started with traces 0f Mega Man and worked my way down to the other characters.

Enjoy, Ill post more soon.


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