August 3, 2011


My entry for the ImagineFX Bobby Chiu challenge.

This original tale by Hans Christian Anderson revolved around the relationship between a toy tin soldier and paper ballerina in a child's room. The soldier, who is tossed out a window must undergo many adventures to get back to his beloved. One of these adventures involves the tin soldier on paper boat, having to pay a toll to a rat for safe passage through a storm drain.

My take on this is a little different. The relationship is still about love but more about family and protection. I updated the tin soldier to more of a mech/robot and made the ballerina more of an adventurous child. The rats, well, as you can see they have multiplied are are trying to stop our two heros from escaping their domain.

I will post some studies and process shots later. Time for sleep!

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C.Deboda said...

Mega cool man. Can't wait to see the process shots. Don't sleep!