December 8, 2011


During the San Diego Comicon I met some truly inspiring artists and all around great guys. One such person is the big boss man Dave Wilkins. A great artist and cool cat, he is one of the creators of the awesome title El Zombo. This year he released a book of El Zombo containing short stories and pinup art.

Here is a link to the Facebook page with more info.

Anyways, I was extremely honored when he asked me to contribute a piece to his next El Zombo book project. After a few months I finally had a chance to sit down and crank it out. I just wrapped on it this week and thought I would share it with you all. It;s a little darker than my usual stuff but still retains some of my signature stuff.

Hope you all dig. I will do a future post showing more process stuff and an alternative pinup that I scratched at the last minute. Thanks for looking and make sure to check out the El Zombo page, so much awesome in one link!


Wouter Gort said...

Whoa Patrick, that's so awesome!
Amazing illustration, and the zombie kids are super cool :D!
I wonder how they're going to get out of this one, haha!

Simon Scales said...

Sweet man!!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks guys!

Wouter-Hopefully they have enough bullets.

Simon-Thanks buddy!