January 30, 2012

The Journey

Had an idea for this before the new year so I wanted to knock this out to start off 2012 with a new illustration. Can you find your favorite member of the fellowship?

Here is the initial comp with rough sketches:

I have another idea in mind for these whacky guys but that might need to be put on hold. I have a long list of illustrations I want to do so stay tuned. Also, I will be making "Storytime" available as a print--below is an image of it. Beginning next week it will be available at the Happy Six store and you always have the option of ordering it directly from me. Email me for details.

Thanks! More news to come especially for the Book Release Party coming up next weekend, Feb. 11!


Michael Hanson said...

so good. i'm showing your work for an assignment to design a character mascot for a brand, design a comic page that tells the story of the character and a poster with 3D elements that goes with the branding they made.

Simon Scales said...

Bottom one is very nice man!!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

THanks guys!