February 15, 2012


Thank you again to everyone who showed up and supported us during the the book release party of "The Adventures of Super Bunny and Giant Cat Bear and Charlie" at the Happy Six Store on Sawtelle this past Saturday. It was a great success and we sold out that night. However, we are taking online orders here and we will be back in stock ASAP so do not fret.
Here are a few images from that evening. 

All I remember was putting my head down to draw at 7:00 p.m. and all of a sudden I looked up to see a huge line in front of me. I was quite shocked.

Here are some happy guests that got sketches from me; thanks again for waiting in line!

Future Bandit in the making!


Co-creators showing off our mugs.

How do I feel right now?.....It was well worth it but if you need me I will be resting my hand. In the meantime, my drawing monkey will resume all my artistic duties for a bit.

Thank you to everyone and special thanks to our gracious host Sophie Snow for letting us have the book release at her store.

Next post will have more art so stay tuned!


Mike Parise said...

Showed up where?

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!

Lisa said...

Love it! What a great recap of a very special night.

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks Lisa!