April 7, 2012


So for the class I am teaching we are doing a retelling of the classic Akira. I am making them redesign Kaneda and Tetsuo but for the demo I was doing my take on the clown gang leader. SInce this class is for both gaming and animation students I did 2 different style for them to show some of the similarities and differences when designing for games and animation.



One of the main differences for animation is line economy. You want to make sure there is a reason for every line and shape you put down, this goes back to old school 2D animation principles.

For gaming I take a slightly more realistic approach. I still caricature a tiny bit with features to add personality but I need to make sure things feel proportional and that everything has grown from the bone structural in more or less a realistic manner.

I will show the evolution of this character in the next few posts so you can see how I develop one from start to finish. Next up, some costume iterations.

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