December 28, 2012

Sketch Friday (sketch dump)

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be in New York City for the very first time. I was blown away by the city, the lights, and just the creative energy floating around there. It got me really inspired and jazzed up for a bunch of new projects I want to tackle in 2013. Here are some of the sketches I did while I was there; observations of the people, places, and things I was inspired by.

Here are a few people I encountered on the subway and in the pubs:

My visit to the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) was A-MA-ZING! Theses are some of my studies from my personal mini field trip. I can spend days there!

Interesting views of the city. I also took some pictures of these sites but I think drawing them helps me to remember my experience even more.

And finally, a friendly little bot sketch. I try to do these daily just to break out of the norm and flex my mechanical side.

If you get the opportunity,'s good for the soul and for your creative juices! 


louisC said...

Hi Patrick, thanks for posting this! Your museum pieces are the one I prefer. I am learning to draw myself and I am wondering what kind of training do you need to do these awesome people sketch. (have done dynamic sketching class at cgma with Peter so far)

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Happy New Year Louis.

Dynamic sketching is a great class and provides you with a good tool set for learning how to see and break things down into simple forms. Peter is a great teacher, I should know I took his class and have been helping him out for the past 2 years in California. The main thing to do is keep practicing from life, organic and inorganic things.

For drawing people, this method works also but for me I incorporate dynamic sketching techniques with other design classes I have taken in the past. Drawing the human figure has another set of rules you want to pay attention to, mainly not only drawing accurate proportions but really capturing the soul and heart of the person or what you perceive their personality to be. I am constantly trying to work on that each time I sit down at a cafe or in a mall.

Sorry, there is no clearcut answer to your question a lot of it is exploration and careful study of "who" it is you are drawing and not just "what."

Best of luck!


louisC said...

Hi Patrick, many thanks for the detailed reply! Dynamic sketching is definitely a class that has changed my approach to drawing, for the best I hope. Will try to do more cafe sketching and continue to rotate organic/mechanical subjects. I wish you an excellent year!