February 4, 2013

Makeup Sketch Friday

I messed up and missed sketch Friday...what a bonehead move. To make up for it here I'm including the sketch I intended the post as well as a few creature design demos I completed for my students last week.

Here is the belated Sketch Friday sketch.

Take a look at these creature sketches to make up for missing a post.

When drawing creatures from your imagination you may not understand its entire anatomy and structure because you're just trying to make something look cool. How do you make it feel believable without breaking down and getting caught up with every tiny bone and muscle? All of these creatures started out as ball point pen sketches, each one no bigger than 2"x3". I decided to do a painting demo for my students focusing on how to break things down into simple forms so that it's easier to understand and paint in the form. Here are a handful of close-ups:

Remember, when all else fails, just make things easier on yourself and keep it simple.

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