August 19, 2013

Divulge Magazine---Artist of the Month

Last month I was asked to be featured as the artist of the month for Divulge Magazine's July issue. I did an interview with them about my art and process and they even did a small photo shoot of me and my artwork. I may post some of the pics of the photo shoot at a later date, it's just weird seeing pictures of yourself published. Anyways, I was also asked to contribute some artwork for the main feature of the magazine which was about cosplayers!

So below are photos taken by the talented Victoria Lara and I added some of my flavor to the mix with a few illustrated characters here and there. Can you guess who is who?

Working with different artists is always a blast and I had so much fun with this project. Well, thanks again for dropping in and hope you all enjoyed the collaboration! If you are interested in getting a hard copy or digital copy of this issue then click here.

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