October 15, 2013

Friday Night Frights---New Illustration

Growing up, sneaking out and catching the newest horror flick in the theaters was an adventure in itself.  What was even more exciting was getting ready to seat in that seat and get the Begeezus scared out of me. Each time going you never knew what to expect. That was the whole fun, not only the movie but the environment, stale air and popcorn, overpriced soda, and sticky seats.....well maybe not that. This image is not only a tribute to my favorite holiday of the year, but to those Friday nights were I lay awake in my bed ready to fend off Freddy, Jason, or Michael from entering my room. It was quite terrifying but a part of my childhood that I will always remember and cherish.

Here we have, Friday Night Frights! 

This print measures 9"x18" and is $20 plus shipping and handling. It will be available for preorder and will ship starting Oct 23, just in time for Halloween! I will also have this available at 2 upcoming conventions in November, more about those can be found here.

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Thanks for stopping by everyone and be safe out there you devious trick or treaters you!


Gio M. said...

Love it Pat. Great comp. I gotta take your class one of these semesters and pick your brain a bit.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

At least monster know not to text during the movie. Despite their bloodthirsty background, this is a less rowdy crowd than the one at the last movie I saw.

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