November 27, 2012

As You Wish

As You Wish
They really don't make movies like the "Princess Bride" anymore. I remember when the movie premiered and it was after that epic sword fight that I was hooked. The movie had wonderful characters and overall it had a lively spirit about it. It had it all--humor, romance, action, and adventure. The impact this movie left on me meant it was inevitable that I would create As You Wish. (This is available as a print [9"x17" landscape] so if you are interested please check out the Shop FAQ's section send me an email at Because of the upcoming holidays, please order no later than December 5.)

Nowadays it seems some people feel like they are too cool for movies like this, to them I say: Suks to your ass-mar! (If you get that reference you get extra brownie points).


I will be taking orders over the Holidays but will not be shipping anything out until the 7th of Jan. Thanks everyone!

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