July 5, 2007


Well this past weekend I was up in the Bay area for a group artshow and it was a huge success! I met a lot of cool people and saw a lot of inspiring artwork!

Come on in!

Yes, people looking at my art, woohoo!

Yup that's me, looking at all the eye candy in the room...
meaning the artwork of course.

Look, more people looking at my art..YESSS!
Just in case, I pointed them out for you.

Here is the first one that sold, its going to a new home
with a San Francisco fireman, how awesome is that.

This is the next one that sold, its happy home is with a
really cool engineer that lived around the gallery.
Good luck with your move buddy!

And the following are the finished pieces a little more clear
for your viewing pleasure.

24" x 36"

I am

Captain Manchego
28 x 18

Thanks to gallery 1988 and to the SF road trip crew for making
this an awesome and hilarious experience.

I'll be posting more up as it develops, I got a lot of these in the works
as we speak and want to keep a few of them a surprise.

Next is preparing for the comicon so I hope to see you all there.
Till then more random postings to come!

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