July 11, 2007


So waaaay back in April I got the opportunity to do a comic book cover for BOOM! Studios. They gave me like a week to do it so I pretty much dropped everything I was doing to try and do a kickass job on it. All they told me was the title of the comic and gave some past samples of covers by the man Mr. Dave Johnson. That guy is a badass and I had to follow him......no pressure right!?

Well I got the assignment on a Friday and knocked it out by the following Tuesday so I was ahead of schedule which was cool. And I was pretty happy with the final product. So here it is as seen online:

TA-DAAA! That's my name in the lower right corner, how awesome is that!
I'll post a slightly bigger version later. Man, I'm super excited, can't wait to pick it up.

For those interested here's the link to the original site:

Peace, ya'll, time to get more work!


cecile marie said...

great jobbos.

cdeboda said...

From the looks of things, your art career is really taking off! Doing covers and art shows and stuff? Very glad to hear of your success. Anyway, I'll probably run into you at the Con (if you're going).