October 3, 2007


"Fair Lords," said Sir Lancelot, "leave this noise, and I will open the door, and you may do with me what you will." "Open it then," answered they, "for well you know you cannot escape us, and we will save your life and bring you before King Arthur." So Sir Lancelot opened the door and held it with his left hand, so that but one man could come in at once.

So a few of my art buddies and I have decided to do a blog of monthly illustrations. We pick a letter of the alphabet at random and do an illustration based on myth or folklore of that corresponding letter. This month's was L so the story of Lancelot was chosen.

Other than that been doing some freelance which I cannot show at the moment. Now its time to work on my Stan Lee Show piece and this month's illustration. Talk with you all soon.

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cdeboda said...

Hey Patrick, great illo! Looks like you've been really crankin'. Seems like this image got darkened up a little more since last i visited your blog?