December 6, 2007

HolIday Show

Hi all, sorry for the absence of posts. Just wanted to invite anyone out to a group show I will be part of at the Van Eaton Animation Gallery. Its in Sherman Oaks and opening reception is tonight from 6pm-10pm. Here's a link to the site with more info:

Hope to see some of you there. I have 2 more upcoming shows in January, I will post more info on those in the coming weeks. I have a few pieces that I can't show yet but I will hopefully get to post those soon. For now here are some sketches.

This one is from a sketch nite in San Diego, the theme for the night was monsters in the closet. Me, Kay, Lavanya and Dzu met up our friend Asa at a sports pub. Asa was there with a bunch of his former Art Institute students. Good times, until another dude that showed up late to the drawing session spilled my beer...MAN! It was like 3/4 full and mind you I don't drink beer often so when I do drink it I want to enjoy it. Sucky part was he didn't even offer to buy me another one...what the heck! Karma man....karma..not on me but towards him!

This next one was from a sketching night at the borders in canoga park. My friends, Tony and Dzu, were in town for a Jeremy Lipking workshop so we, along with Kay, met up with Rick Morris for some good ole Red Ballz pizza....good ish man! While we were sketching at Borders I guess Friday nights are singing nights cause there was this girl performing in the cafe. Kinda random, not my cup of tea musicwise but I give props to her for trying to get out there.

Rick was saying he likes how I maximize my page space...i think its the cheapo in me saying not to waste paper so I don't have to go out and buy another damn sketchbook. Anyways, I was just trying to match his skill with quantity...don't think it worked too well...I am going to have to break his hands next time I see him.

I will be posting more illustration stuff in the next post as well as some sketches as how I do thumbnails for characters and illustrations. Till then, peace out!

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