December 14, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Hi all. As promised here are a few progress shots of my procedure to making an illustration. I'll post a lot of the unused comps and sketches I go through, but for now here is a condensed version. I usually start out with a bunch of different thumbs, figuring out composition and just getting ideas out. They are usually super small around the size of a business card. Next I do a super quick color comp just to get the mood and lighting. Afterwards, I blow up my thumbnail and lightbox it for cleaner, tighter pencils. The tighter pencils allows me to just worry about color and mood in the next phase and not too much on design since I have got everything planned out. The less guess work for me the faster the finish comes.

And, ta-daaaaaa a finished illustration. I'll get into some of those details later as well, but its pretty straight forward. I worked up a grayscale layer, then used a lot of layers to get this out.
Hope you like and enjoy. Again I will post more about the process later.

The theme for the contest was : Behind the Scenes-What goes on in Santas workshop in the north pole. So this was my rendition of the elves trying to surprise good ole saint Nick.

More to come.


cdeboda said...

Very cool. All that's missing is the instructional DVD. Looking forward to seeing more 'progress' pics.

Jennifer Zivoin said...

Congrats on winning the contest! What a great concept. Thank you for sharing your process with us!

Chris Sears said...

Happy Holidays!!!!

Anonymous said...
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