April 21, 2008


So I have been sitting in front of my computer working away on all sorts of projects all of which I cannot show, hence, the lack of posts. Still, no excuses dangnabbit! I apologize for my lack of posts, I have a bunch of work that I wold love to show but have to hold back so I don't get sued. DAMN THE MAN! Anyways, below are a few sketchbook pages. Trying to get back int the swing of things so bear with me. Thanks all, enjoy!

Was at a Belgium Beer Festival in San Diego, so while enjoying some nice brew I decided to draw the happening crowd.

More beer festival people and some drawings of audience members while waiting for a play to start. When I draw people I sometimes make up little stories in my head to come up with interesting characters, fun times I must say!

A lot of cowboys in this one cause I was watching 3:10 to Yuma while sketching. Fun characters in that movie, I want to try and do more soon. It's a great exercise drawing while watching a good flick, makes you remember the big picture and not the small details.

This is a typical page of thumbnail drawings for when I have to do comic book covers. I went thru a few pages of these before the editors decided on the gold star winner. I'll post more process shots as well as the final cover when I get a chance. Just for kicks, which one do you think the editor approved?

Alright, back to more top secret work, see you soon and have a great day!


Jenni said...

I love how awesome your quick sketches can turn out. Remember me? Jenni from Ryman- you came and had a demo last Saturday at USC. You're so inspiring, I've been sketching all over the place since I saw you. :D

cdeboda said...

Cool! I like "pick the thumbnail" game. I'm gonna go with the one with the zombie in it??