May 29, 2008


Hi all,

Sorry for he delay on things. Just detoxing and getting the little things in life back in order after the arts how. I'm also prepping for a busy summer of classes and 2 more shows in July. Ok, on to the show.

First, thanks to everyone for showing up and big thanks to those who texted, emailed and phoned. The show was a lot of fun, good turnout, great music and outstanding art work. Big congrats to Ann Lee, Dzu Nguyen and Ritchie Ramirez for all their hard work. The pieces turned out amazing.

On to some art, here are the 2 new pieces I unveiled at the show.
Monster Sale, 20"x31" on canvas

Shell Head, 23"x 34 on canvas

Memory Catcher by Ritchie Ramirez

El Muerto by Dzu Nguyen, 16"x20", oil on linen

Oops! Uh-Oh, by Ann Lee, 14"x11" digital print

There's a lot more artwork to be seen at the gallery so stop on by if you have a chance. The Kutting Room Gallery, 1221 Second Street Suite 150, Santa Monica CA. 90401.
The gallery/salon is closed Sundays and Mondays.

Thanks for looking, I have a few more things to post up later like some outdoor sketches and a couple comic book covers that finally came out. See you all very soon!

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