July 30, 2008


WOW...last week was really crazy. In a nutshell, Sunday thru Tuesday I was at an all day Jon Foster Workshop.....AMAZING! He is officially my idol. I even got Jon to sign my sketchbook, he even did a little sketch for me:
Wednesday was preview night at COMICON and most of my damage was done there. Thank goodness I already have a lot of the books that I saw, that and I hear Kay's voice in the back of my head saying...do you really need that? And I would answer back, of course I do, but I really don't so I had to leave some behind...so sad. Here's a glance at my bounty:

I only did one portfolio review this year, and I actually felt more productive than the 5 I did last year. I really just enjoyed the con more and talked to other artists. It was less stressful and I learned a whole lot more.

Thursday and Friday me and my art buddies were able to watch Jon and Rick Berry do some oil demos at the Tor/Spectrum Booth. Very cool and inspiring once again. I was so inspired that I finally decided to finish painting a skateboard deck for an art show coming up through ISM. Here are some process shots and some details for it. And yes, I painted it in oils, yes real paint. Thanks to Lava for leting me crash at the pad during the week and a big thanks to my buddy Dzu for helping me out and letting me use his materials...you the man!
Look Ma, real paint!
Saturday was super crazy, not because of the long lines or the crowds but because I gave a talk about character design to a packed house. I was feeling fine but then got nervous when I saw this gigantic line. At first I thought, hmmm...I wonder who is signing but then as we got closer to the lecture room I slowly figured out it was for my talk...YIKES. All in all I think it went pretty well. I misspelled a couple words on my slide show (damn you spell check!!!) but I got a good vibe from the audience. Would I come back next year...sure...am I....well I guess that is up to the Art Institute and Comicon.

To end the week, Saturday a bunch of us went to a Russian restaurant in north park.....GREAT PORK SHISHKABOB! What was also cool is that they let you write or draw on the walls, so of course I had to leave my mark:
It was super tiring and I am still recovering but I had a blast and can't wait again till next year to buy some art, hang with friends and create more work for people to see. So thanks again Comicon and I will definitely see ya next year!


Simon Scales said...

Hey Man
real paint...now c'mon who you fooling - get back on the mac -
all sounds like you had an awesome time man!!!! talk soon

Eric Orchard said...

Amazing work and now Irene Gallo is telling people about you! I've added you to my blog roll, your work is just stunning and I hope very good things come out of the con for you.