July 21, 2008


So this is a crazy week for me. I will try to update again near the end of the week but here's what I will be up to. Right now I am in a Jon Foster Workshop which is totally awesome, this guy kicks ass:


Its really fun seeing him work and he is a super cool guy.

Wednesday is Preview night at:

Can't wait, I'll be there until Saturday and Art Institute has asked me to do a talk on character design at Comicon...how exciting!! So if you are interested I will be talking 530pm-630pm in room 30CDE so drop on by and say hi.

Also, Friday in downtown San Diego I will be part of a custom vinyl toy artshow.
Here's the store address, map and info:


680 West Beech Street, No.1
San Diego, California 92101
619 876 0664

July 25th & 26th Opening Reception: Friday, July 25th, 6-10pm

Subtext and Cardboard Spaceship present Beasts of Burden, a custom vinyl show featuring 34 artists from around the globe. As a follow up to LoveHate, we are in the process of curating a heavy-hitting show that will take place for one night only during San Diego Comic Con 2008. Our sponsor, adFunture, has kindly provided us with the platform for this show – their new highly anticipated YOKA Panda. This is shaping up to be an amazing show!

I'll be there Friday so come out and say hi again!

Also, here is some other artwork just so you don't feel like I have been neglecting my drawing duties. First one is a redesign and color pass on my space suit design. I still have another iteration to do on this one.

Next are some sketches for some other character I have been working, I'll post those up as soon as I have something postable....I hope that's a word.
Okay, gotta get back to the drawing, I'll post more later this week....hope to see you all at the con and please drop by and say hi...it makes me feel special!


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