September 12, 2008


So below you will see a few more pictures from this week's latest hiking adventures. Again in San Diego with my buddy Dzu ( a badass artist as well). What the title of this post refers to is that we:
hiked 12 miles, in 8 hours, used up 3 bottles of water each and then had 2 dinner buffets at Barona Casino. I didn't get pics of the food because I was too dang tired to do anything but eat, fortunately we did get some pics of the hike.I did a Karate Kid pose on this last shot, but I did not hold it for long because although you can't see it here, on the other side of those rocks is a loooong way down, say about 4000ft.

Alright, enough rocks and crap on to some art. I have been working on my own stuff but haven't finished enough of them to post so here are some good old sketches from the sketchbook.This first page was drawn in Alhambra, Kay and I went to get some dumplings and as you can see there was a variety of Asians to choose from for sketching. There was this really cool Yakuza looking bald guy with all his nieces hanging off of him at the dumpling house. I think I might do a little doodle of him later today. I started drawing different iterations of him on this page.
Next I was at a coffee shop in Burbank near all the studios. It's fun cause you see people drawing and practicing their lines for auditions and such. Always fun characters to draw there.

Finally, I was at Barnes and Nobles at the Americana mall in Glendale so this was just a fun page form the imagination. Just exercising the imagination and seeing what spills out of the old noggin.
Lastly, I have been trying to do a study a day from the old masters. These are some from this week, I have been looking at a lot of J.C. Leyendecker images. He was such the master of shape design and caricature so I have been studying how he locks shapes and forms and what he pushed to get good character types with a lot of energy. Hopefully even just 5% off his genius rubs off on me. I missed 2 days because of the hike but I promise to be more diligent.
Thanks again for stopping by, more sketches and studies to come and some character designs I've been doodling with. See you all soon!


Chris Sears said...

nice leyendecker studies, man. what are you doing them in...oils? acrylics?

Eric Orchard said...

Amazing sketches and studies.