September 8, 2008


Seriously, if you are at your desk sitting in front of the computer, hours on end for as long as I am; before you go any further on this blog, stand up, and go walk around the block or outside the office for just a few minutes.....then come back please.

So Stand up.


Still looking, stop and move your booty!

OK, thanks for coming back. I wanted to start off with a picture from a hike I took with a buddy of mine in San Diego last week. So that is me sitting on that thin rock.
No it is not Photoshop and yes it is me up there. Believe me, I was scared ****less up there but it was worth the shot and the hike up there, it was beautiful. I just wanted to share this with you all cause everyone needs a break from art. I know we all feel lazy if we aren't doing art 24/7 and that we always think, man there is some guy out there working hard while I'm outdoors hiking! Please, do not think like this, yes work hard but seriously, all work and no play and your art will suffer. We all need breaks and it is healthy and inspirational to get out. Your artwork will only get better by it, trust me.

Alright, sorry about that, now on to the art. The piece below is another commission for a wedding "Save the Date". The couple wanted an homage to the classic Star Wars posters so it was a fun assignment. I started out with a couple comp sketches while I was at a coffee shop, you can tell cause I was having fun drawing some other interesting characters on this page while working on my assignment.

I picked the comp that I liked(first from the left) and proceeded with the revised comp sketches that you see below. Once that was worked out I printed it out and proceeded with the line art.

Taking it back into Photoshop I start the value stage and lighting. Next comes the rendering and color lay ins.

Finally, we have a finish plus the final version with text. All in all I spent about 3 days on this. Had to haul butt on this one cause I have a few other projects waiting in the wings.
I will be posting some sketch pages next as well as some studies I been working on. I have been trying to do some studies from master's each day so we'll see how that turns out. As always thank you for stopping by and please feel free to drop a comment!

Also, if you are interested I have updated my site with some new concepts so drop on by(shameless plug I know).



Francis Vallejo said...

nice work!!

Eric Orchard said...

Ga! Cool. Where do you live? It looks beautiful there. Hard to leave studio but so important to recharge. I thought a teaching gig would do that. Not so much.

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks Francis and Eric. Eric, that shot was taken out in San Diego, I visited a friend and we went hiking that day in Poway. Yes it is hard to leave the studio but we all need to get out even if just for 5 minutes.

Thanks again for dropping by guys.