October 10, 2008


Hi all, I am back in the good old U.S., land of the flushing toilets with seats...woohoo! I have quite a few pics to show from my trip to Peru and a few pages in my sketchbook. Most of my drawing time took place in the airport waiting for flights or in between bus stops in Peru. First, we'll start off with a few highlight from my trip.

This first image is overlooking Machu Picchu. It was a rainy day, which was cool for us because it created a lot of cloud cover that slowly revealed the mountains. Very mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

The next image is me eating a fried guinea pig. It was pretty tasty but the feet and face freaked me out.

Here I am with local villagers at Lake Titicaca. This family actually took me into their home and showed me around. The quilts you see in the picture were all hand made by the woman in the picture and tells the story of their daily lives.

This is an image of Kay in the jungle. It was pretty crazy seeing all the foliage almost engulf you as you walked through the Inca trail.

Lastly, the infamous jump shot. This was at one of the cathedral/ruin sites in Cusco. In the bg you can see some llamas and alpacas.
Here are a few pages from my sketchbook travels. I have a few more in a moleskin I need to scan but I will save those for next time.Alright, I will have more stuff to post soon including some storyboards I did for a friend's music video pitch as well as some comps for a few commissions I will be working on. See you all soon and thanks again for waiting for me to return!

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Simon Scales said...

Hey Man....youre back!!!! and with some sweet sketches to boot!! oh yeah - i have linked you up on my blog too :)