October 16, 2008


Still trying to get back into the swing of things with art and teaching and life in general. Slowly but surely I will get there. In the meantime I will reminisce and post some more pics from my recent trip.

First one is from the last day in Peru on the way to the airport in Cusco. I saw these monuments in the center of town and tried to snap a quick picture from the taxi. We were moving really fast and I though I got a crap shot, it turned out to be one of the better pictures I took the whole trip...go figure.

Next, a candid shot of the porters carrying up all of our crap to the next camp site. These guys were amazing and literally carried our whole camp up those damn steps day in and day out for 4 days. I'll say it again, AMAZING!

And another shot from the last rainy day of our hike. No beautiful sunshine but man those clouds were breathtaking.....literally man it was hard to breath, freaking altitude!

Again, here are some sketches from my moleskin sketchbook. Mostly ballpoint pen and a little graphite here and there.

Lastly, before I left I helped out a buddy of mine with some storyboards for a music video competition. He used them for his pitch which I thought was really clever and cool. You can check it out here:

Click on pitch and if you just want to see the storyboards, click on the one that says storyboard. Hope you enjoy guys, I'll be back with more very soon!



Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat
sketches are looking good my man!!!

Anonymous said...

really love the people on that first page :D