November 25, 2008


See, I told you I would post sooner. Well, the first version of this zombie old dude kinda bugged me in the morning. So instead of working on other things I tweaked him a little bit. The main thing bugging me was that I was not describing the forms enough. So I added more shadow to his chest and legs facing away from the light so you can get a sense of a side and front plane to the torso and legs. You can compare the two to see what I mean.
Also, the first rim light I put on his face and clothes (screen right) were too "cool" as in temperature. I changed it to a more yellow orange (a warmer tone) to really pop his form out on that side which I think created a bit more contrast and "pop" to the image. Finally, I added some detail shots of the head and dead head. The main thing when you color; make sure you know where your light sources are coming from and make sure to stay consistent with it. Hope that helps.



Simon Scales said...

Hey my man....loooking good mate...looking good!!!

C.B. Canga said...

nice job

Eric Orchard said...

Great post! thanks for sharing this.