November 1, 2008


Hi all,

For anyone interested I will be doing a small character design workshop at the Art Institute of Orange County, Thursday, November 6, 2008 from 5:30PM to 9:30PM with a short break. I believe it is open to anyone being it is for prospective students, but if you are interested you need to sign up here:

It says for animation but I will cover topics that relate to gaming, film and animation. There is still space but I am not sure when they will cap it so sign up soon.

Above demo for an actual class.

Above work in progress sketches for character designs in development.

Also, back in August I was part of a group show at Alpha Cult in Long Beach. I stumbled upon this review of the show just recently and thought it was pretty cool....cough "self promotion" cough. I guess they really dug my Cereal Killer piece:

Alright, that is all from me for now. Remember to sign up and I will see some of you there!



Simon Scales said...

DUUUUDE!!! a workshop - awesome man - hope it goes well and sweet sketches too - some nice poses in there - keep em coming!!!

cdeboda said...

Right on, Patrick! Hopefully this is just as popular and packed as the Con workshop (just don't lose your wacom pen).

Speaking of workshops...going to the BPerkins one next month? Sounds like the SD workshop caravan is making its way up again.

_gem_ said...

Dang~! i wish i could visit u there!! i'm still stuck at school doing homework >_< anyways i wish you good luck :) inspiring sketches btw :D keep up the good stuff^^