October 26, 2008


A few more pics from my recent trip to Peru.

First up is a shot of me in the Amazon. A had a little visit from a tiny green friend. He fell out of the sky and really freaked me out. Turned out he wasn't so bad after all.

Next up, on our way to Cusco via bus we made a pit stop at a restaurant for lunch. As I left my seat to go to the restroom I was greeted by this furry guy.

Lastly, another infamous jump shot. This was at the top of the hill on the second and most difficult day of our 4 day hike up the Inca steps. Although I was extremely tired I was able to muster up some strength for a couple of jumps in jubilation.

Alright, as promised here is the art section. These next pages are some face studies for new characters I am working on. I will get into detail on these a little later on. Still exploring some options. Also, on the last page you will notice some small comps for a big illustration I am working on. In this early phase I do a rough sketch and mass in big darks just to see how the shapes read. Very simple but in the end it is these shapes that we connect with and that make the illustration visually interesting.

Enjoy guys, I will post more images early in the week!


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cdeboda said...

Great action pose in the jump shot! Please post more of those, I'm gonna grab my sketchbook...