January 22, 2009


Well, last couple of nights I have been up till about 3AM working on a variety of things. Mainly a lot of personal projects and making sure my website is up and running. Every once in a while I get inspired to do something just for the hell of it. Last night was one of those nights. A lot of times when you stay up late they put on the coolest crap on TV, well one of the all time greats, CHUCK "THE MAN" NORRIS was on as Texas ranger J.J. McQuade. Badassness at its best. His main enemy was David Carradine who by no means is a martial artist, but man....great classic final showdown.

Below is a my homage to that last fight scene in my own interpretation.
Nothing super fancy, just another page out of my sketchbook.The main thing I wanted to show is their personalities through their stances. J.J. on the left is more rugged, get the job done type of fighting. David Carradine on the right tries to fight with more grace and elegance but with an air of cockiness, the cigarette in the mouth helps with that a little bad. Like he knows he's gonna win so he doesn't need to put out his cigarette. Remember, even the tiniest of props adds to the overall personality of your character, so make those design decisions count.

More to come as I stay awake late yet another night!

Thanks for looking.



JP said...

carradine looks as if to be in a wing chun stance heh

Simon Scales said...

ahhhh....chuck norris - you can never have enough chuck norris on your blog!!