February 2, 2009


Apologies for not posting sooner. I have been in the process of moving so as you can imagine I have a lot of artwork and books. Lets just say I do not want to move for another 10 years. Either that or stop collecting books, which I do not see happening. Alright, enough about that, below is a concept I approached a few years back; a half man/half machine dim sum chef. I had a lot of fun with this guy because I was able to push the shapes a lot more and control the flow of the piece.

A lot of times people put tons of detail and texture into a piece that may seem cool at first glance but fail to really make you see a personality in the design. As a viewer, not being able to connect with the character on screen for more than just 5 seconds is a disaster in the making. For my design, I could imagine how her walks, talks, how he serves people and maybe how rude he is. He's a messy dude that takes his time and does not haul ass for anyone. What made this character come to life faster was I also had a friend in mind when I was designing it. Being able to rely on reference from life is an essential tool in character design even if its a creature.

OK, next up some small water color studies I did when I was in Mammoth over the break. These were each about 30 minutes. I wanted to do more but it was really cold and my water froze while I was painting...yeeesh.

Finally, some good old sketches done with hi-tec-c pens. First page is about an 1-1.5 hours of sketching with some of the homies in Orange County. We went to a Barnes and Nobles and just sat at the cafe and sketched. Was very relaxing and fun. As you can see, I like to cram a lot into one page...makes me feel accomplished.

Lastly, another sketchbook page, I was waiting at Verizon for a while so I just started sketching whoever came in the door. Really fun for practicing gesture.

That's it for now. I will post again soon to make up for missing last week. Thanks for looking and for sharing my blog with others, you guys all ROCK!


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Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat

really like this one
keep the good work coming man!!!!