May 27, 2009


I have been doing a few more demos in school this term which has been a blast for me. I Did these two in class the other day. This is my version of Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland. My story takes place in Feudal Japan and Tweedle here is the bodyguard to the evil Queen of Hearts. His weapon of choice, the statue from a Buddha Statue that he uses as a flail and his pattented Sumo crusher which was stolen from him by E. Honda.

I plan to do a cleaned up drawing of Tweedle with the statue head and the second one I plan on taking it to a finish all digitally...just testing out different methods for myself.

I will post the concept sketches for this guy as well as the lineart and finish. I plan on doing 3 more characters, the Geisha Queen of Hearts, Alice ninja in training and Cheshire Cat the drunkard ninja master.



Martin said...

Amazing concept as usual Kuya Patrick, show us the rest of the cast!

Simon Scales said...

Hey my man!!!! really diggin this one. nice concept. good weight to him :)

stephensanity said...

Hey patrick,

this is steve from a few years back with lemen in SD

this is awesome...makes me smile and thats hard to do..