June 7, 2009


I was recently asked by Mr. Cory Godbey to contribute artwork to a blog he has created called Terrible Yellow Eyes. This site is a collection of artists creating artwork dedicated to the story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. If you are a creative mind and have not seen this book go out and pick one up. This book with its illustrations and words have been very inspirational for not only my work but for a ton of other artists I admire as well. So he was my entry:Below are the sketches for the piece.Each time I do an illustration I always do several iterations and try to work out the composition before I go with a full head of steam into the drawing. This is the phase that counts the most. Taking the time to do little studies and work out the details of the piece can save you a tremendous amount of time when you go into the final. Now some of you may ask, well doesn't that kill the spontaneity of the drawing i you plan everything out meticulously? Not at all.....what that helps you to do is to train your hand to get used to those rhythms and shapes, so that when you do go into the final drawing your mind and hand are working in unison making the final image easier to get out. Hope that makes sense.This next page I am working on new compositions and value schemes in ball point pen. I eventually decide to go back to a composition on the first page which I later flipped horizontal for the final piece.

Enjoy all, make sure to visit Terrible Yellow Eyes and I will have more work to show!



Renee Kurilla said...

I absolutely love your piece for TYE! So clever, and the colors are beautiful.

cdeboda said...

Niiiice! I may send you an email here shortly regarding your approach. Stay tooned.

Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat - this is really nice man. colors are great - well done mate - oh....sshh...i updated my blog at your request LOL

Dyuk said...

whoa...that's awesome~

Steve said...

great piece and nice blog, nice job on the process, its always good to see brainstorming..

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Rene-thx, your piece was quite amazing as well!

c-looking forward to it.

Simon-Finally...ahahah...thanks brotha.

Dyuk-thx buddy, where's the artwork man!

Steve-glad to see you like the process, i agree with you as well, always fun to see how artists think and work.

Ritchie Ramirez said...

sweet! Im feeling this one.