May 9, 2009


MAN. Almost a month since my last post, what a hack I am. I apologize for not posting any artwork, the past 2 months has been crazy with teaching, weddings and I finally wrapped up my 2 month stay at Technicolor Animation. I was originally slated for only 4 weeks but I ended up working on a couple fun projects for them which I will be able to talk about later. I met so many cool artists and people over there and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them. SO if you see some new people on my friends list, that will be them!

Alright, here are a couple of pieces I am currently working on:

First up, this is the gladiator all colored up from my previous post. This took me a lot longer to finish because of time and also I was really pushing the quality of the armor. It was a tiring but fun process. I have 3 more characters from his world I hope to get to those soon!

Next up, for those who know Escape From New York with Kurt Russel, this is my homage to the infamous Snake Plissken. I am going to color him up this weekend. Probably try a more flat style for him, more towards animation.

Here are some pages from my sketchbook. I made it a point over one of this past weekends to get out of the house and go to the mall. I usually sit in food courts because everyone has to eat and you get all sorts of fun characters coming together in one place. A lot of fun until you get a little kid hovering over you with an ice cream bar ready to fall on your sketchbook.

Lastly, I sat in on my buddy's class in San Diego and did some life drawing. Towards the end of the session the model was getting covered up by students heads so I decided to draw them instead.

And I got a little carried away with these, the model as a zombie, and one of the final poses he really looked like a character from Conan defeating his sworn enemy.

Well, that's it for now. I am back with a vengeance and will be posting more regularly. Thanks for stopping by all and thank you for being patient with my updates!



lava girl said...

no need to apologize for delayed posting. we all know that life and zombies get in the way! ;)

Alina Chau said...

Hey Patrick! Nice working with you too. GOod luck with everything, and keep in touch!! Coool post BTW!! ^___^

Sean Evans said...

CONAN! haha cool work patrick