April 10, 2009

Some Free Time

Whew, its been a crazy month. I got extended for another week at Technicolor so I have been spending quite a few 10 hour days at work. I try to squeeze some extra drawing time when I can and I have so many ideas I need to get out. So, slowly but surely they will start to trickle out on to paper.

The next few images are some characters I was doing as class demos for my character class at The Art Institute of Orange County. Our project last term was "Little Red Riding Hood." I set mine during the Roman Empire.

First up is the overall cast lineup for my group. From left to right we have:
The Wolf, Red, Grandma and The Hunter. The wolf and red are my antagonists and Grandma and Hunter are the protagonists (just in case antagonist=bad guys, protagonists=good guys).

I started to paint up the face of the Hunter so here is a closeup of it.

Finally, I decided I really wanted to make the Hunter's design stronger so I printed him out and did a line drawing. The hunter is African American and comes from a long line of lion hunters. Unfortunately, he was captured and put into the gladiatorial games. I will go a little more in depth on him a little later with the final color version as well as some process shots.

Thank you so much for being patient with me, I am trying my hardest to post more often.


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Eric Orchard said...

Looks fantastic!