June 24, 2009

Coffee Shop Sketch

So outside the studio most artists take a break into the real world by grabbing some caffeine at their local coffee shops. Coffee shops are like artists' home away from home. This is where we let our hair down and get a chance to see different characters and scenarios. I have frequented several over the course of my art career and today was just one of those inspirational days. While sipping my drink today and listening to some tunes I was inspired to just start some random sketching in Photoshop. The sketch evolved into color, which evolved into a small scene and then a vignette. I am one not to brag about how long something took me, I just want to merely state that when inspiration hits its like lightening in a bottle and it just flows out.

The below is the product of such inspiration, for some reason I was able to knock this out in 20 minutes. It's one of the cashiers and I just felt like he was jamming away on the cash register like it was an instrument. I think this works well because of the energy and gesture pushed into the character and overall scene.

So, from the advice of my fiance', I have decided to try and do an inspirational sketch from each coffee shop I frequent. I think it will be a good exercise and just fun. Hope you guys enjoy what's to come! Thanks for reading, i know, i know.....artists...read and write...just get to the pictures


Simon Scales said...

yeah pat!!! looking good. nice and loose and fresh. looking forward to the other coffee shop sketches :)

cdeboda said...

Finally a new post! Nice stuff. If you're ever at a coffee shop in SD, lemme know.