June 22, 2009


Back from a little mini vacation from the Bay area, it was very refreshing and a whole ton of fun. Picked up some great books which I will post later and ate some of the best food ever. Here are some of the sketches from my trip. I drew everyday just observing and jotting down characters, something I have not done in a while and man it got the creative juices flowing.

Lastly, this is a character I finished before I headed out for vacation. This is part of my take on Alice in Wonderland, he is Cheshire a.k.a. The Cat. A former Union soldier that headed out to Japan and has take over one of the local crime syndicates. I might take another pass at him, not sure yet but I still have 3 of his cast member to go...Tweedle Dee, Queen of Hearts and Alice. Enjoy and I will post the rest of my sketches from the trip.


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