July 11, 2009


Here is the final color concept for the Tweedle character in my previous post. He is mostly a warm character, not fuzzy huggable, but warm in regards to the color choices. I did this so that the cool colors in the arm will really help contrast it with his skin tones and clothing. I harmonized the whole piece by injected some reds and browns into the mechanical arm to simulate rust and ware and tear.

The next is a sneak peak of some characters you will be seeing in a series of paintings for an upcoming solo artshow I will be having in San Diego in October of this year.

O.K., so during San Diego Comicon I will be very busy doing a few things. Friday July 24 is actually my busy day. I will most likely be doing 2 character design workshops at the Art Institute Booth at Comicon. One at 1pm and another time T.B.A. Anyone is welcome to attend and there will actually be a few stations open at the booth to work along with me and get some 1 on 1 time.

That same night from 6-10P.M. I will be in an artshow at Gallery Subtext entitled: Meanwhile… at the Hall of Justice A Collection of Superhero Mishaps
I will post more about this next week so you won't forget to go but if you want more info and cannot wait until then, here is the link to their site:

Thanks for looking all, again stay tuned next week for more info on those workshops and for the gallery show. I can't wait!


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Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat

love the colors on the top character - he has worked out nicely :)