August 20, 2009


Hi all, long time no post. I am such a boob for taking so long to put up a new post. However, this last month has been super crazy with freelance gigs, traveling and attending more weddings than art workshops. I know, get off the excuse wagon and show me some art, right? Well, I have a few sketches and stuff to show but the reason for my long absence is that I have been doing a ton of artwork for my first solo art show down in San Diego at Gallery Subtext entitled "Cereal Killer". This is the same gallery where I showed the Wonder Woman piece. Opening reception will be Friday, October 2nd, 7-10PM. I will be posting more info on that with fliers and such as it gets closer so all of you can remember to come down and visit!

OK, seriously here is some artwork I have been able to squeeze in here and there.

These were some character explorations I was doing for that civil war samurai character I finished a few posts back.

I did this batch of space pirates at a life drawing workshop. These weren't the models but during the break someone mentioned Space Ace, then I thought Space Pirates and came up with this crew of misfits. I am hoping to do something more with these guys after the art show.

Next are some teasers for the upcoming art show "Cereal Killer."

These are some studies for one of the pieces...can you guess who I am killing off..hmmm.....
A lot of these sketches will be on display at the show.

And here is a small teaser for one of the pieces...what could be going on here, well to find out you are just gonna have to come to San Diego to see the show!

Thanks for stopping by!


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